The Power of Why?

This process ranks as a top priority at SCI as one of
the most important processes in defining a successful life as well as the
desire to achieve of any goal, outcome or forward progress.

One must know why you want something, otherwise you may not really want it
and most probably won’t achieve it, and therefore will be unsuccessful in a faulty plan
from the start. The word “why” may be the most compelling word of all
because it possesses the quality that motivates people to think and wonder.
Children ask “why” of everything. Why do you want to be successful?

Is it possible to really know WHY? Yes. Absolutely, YES.

Your WHY is having a reason for the future that is so compelling, so
passionate, referred to by Napoleon Hill as a burning desire, that it exudes a
devotional power so great that it pours out positively in everything we do to
move closer towards the goal or the desired outcome. The WHY possesses
its own clarity of a vision so vivid that a person becomes pulled effortlessly,
moving with persistence and building momentum as they immerse in the
process to see it, hear it, taste it, smell it and feel it without considering the
HOW can I get there or WHAT to do; it will just be when you know and
believe it’s possible.

When building a successful life and transitioning to a higher vibration or level
of consciousness, mastery and ultimate success, it is imperative to know
your WHY and that your “why” is in alignment with your values. The reason
“why” is so important in the process of human thought because it revolves
around meaning and when something has no meaning, we typically ignore it.
When it takes on meaning, it takes on a “life-force” or energy and then we
can fix our attention on it and see it through to the end.

Imagine you could know 100% what the end result looks like. Start with that
vision in mind and take action steps backwards, build a timeline and
landmark points along the way, celebrate the small successes as a chunk or
piece of the whole big picture. If you know the end result and it is the ideal
situation then you will work diligently and the right way to achieve it.
Remember, there are many, many reasons not to do something so please
make sure your WHY is strong enough to see you through any obstacle and
not steer you off course. Embrace taking 100% responsibility of yourself
and fulfill your hopes, dreams, wishes and goals with inspired action,
inspired by your WHY. If it’s meant to be then it’s 100% up to me!

Deep inside you – within the depths of your soul, you know what you are
designed to do, or meant to be. Your intuition, or sixth sense, has a voice
and a feeling that speaks to you. We all have experienced this feeling at one
time or another and sit back and take notice to how things unfold in a
particular direction, for a particular reason; your fate, your destiny, your
purpose, your BIG WHY?

When you believe that each of us “knows” our calling you will take notice of
its importance. It’s being aware of just that, and most people simply don’t
notice. Do and be what you love, be compelled on your journey and breathe
and live into its meaning because without meaning, it has no life force; and
then we do not feel alive. Remember, there is no wrong answer. No one
single WHY is less important than another, and when you tap into your own
it just “is” and it cannot be questioned “Why?” any longer.

So live well, live in success, live in your passion and know your WHY.
Why? Because your why knows you.

To discover your WHY contact SCI online at – The WHY EXERCISE is included in our certification course as part if the iCoachTo Success Professional Coaching System and as a part of our SUCCESS COACHING packages.

Jodi Nicholson is an Author, Speaker and Master Certified Success Coach specializing in life balance, business, marketing and motivation. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Success Coach Institute and has a private coaching practice. Email

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