SUCCESS STORMING – Brainstorming Ideas With Simplicity & Clarity


– Brainstorming Ideas With Simplicity & Clarity in 4 Easy Steps

 by Jodi Nicholson, CPC MCSC

Success Storming is the technique similar to brainstorming and gets you to produce a set of questions about an idea, problem or decision. It allows you to consider the options open to you and the diagram is a useful illustrative aide enabling you to view all your questions. From here you’ll be able to assess each question and rule out ideas that will not prove successful.

How to Success Storm

Stage 1:

On a large piece of paper, draw a six-pointed start in the middle and write your product, problem, or decision insideSuccess Storming Success Coach Institute

Stage 2:

In each point of the start write:

Who, What, Where, When, Why and How

Stage 3:

From each of the points brainstorm questions about the product, problem or decision associated with each of the words.

Stage 4:

Now you can answer the questions. From this you can analyze the options available to you – you will be able to decide whether you should develop your product and decide the best solution to your problem.

Success Storming is a useful technique that allows you to consider your ideas fully, and illustrates what you have come up with. It is also a good team building technique and all members of the team should get involved in the process.

The technique is a good starting point to get ideas and discussions flowing on a topic, product or service and is one of the many tools offered by The Success Coach Institute in our coaching services and the Certification program and the iCoach To Success Professional Coaching System. Enjoy the journey and remember to Be Your Best Success!

About the author: Jodi Nicholson is a Success Coach, Trainer and a co-founding member of the Success Coach Institute. In addition to training at SCI, she enjoys servicing a global clientele in her private coaching and consulting practice. To connect with Jodi please visit
or THE SUCCESS COACH INSTITUTE at 3837 Northdale Blvd., Suite 328 | Tampa FL 33624 | 1-888-689-1130

6 responses to “SUCCESS STORMING – Brainstorming Ideas With Simplicity & Clarity

  1. This is one of the best tools to get crystal clear on ideas, especially when designing a new product or service. I use it successfully with my coaching clients. Glad to share!

  2. Hi Judy – I love simple solutions which have specific do items and not “strategic” guidelines if you know what I mean…
    Just came across your post, I will apply this principle on a knotty issue that is on top of my worry list and will let you know how it goes.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Suchitra – Would love an update on your progress. To expand the the inquiry for even greater clarity, challenge the topic by using the question of WHY? Note your answer and ask again, WHY? and so on. Best of success! Jodi Nicholson

    • Thanks Heidi – you’ll also find instructions in the iCoach To Success Professional Coaching System – works super great with clients to get clarity on one project – drills it down for simplification and action.

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