Success Coach Evaluation 1

As part of our continued efforts to keep our audience informed, we’d like to share comments from our CPSC Class Evaluation Form – This one comes from Julaine Ziegert. Thanks  Julaine for allowing us to share your comments about SCI and our certification program!


Did seminar exceed your expectations? Describe. Yes – definitely! I had no idea that I would gain as much ‘personal growth’ as I did! I left feeling confident, empowered and inspired to start my own coaching business – doing what I love AND making a profit! Wahoo. . . .

In what areas was the seminar particularly effective? Please describe. I really value the fact that this is, indeed, a ‘turn key’ progr

am. I have everything I need to succeed in setting up a first-rate coaching practice. Thank you! Jodi, I also applaud you for you ability to meet the needs of a wide variety of students. You were most generous with sharing your time and your expertise and I came away feeling most grateful. The practice sessions with the other students was extremely valuable. Without that piece the training might simply have been a ‘nice weekend’ with good information. Now I can honestly say that it was a fabulous weekend in which I learned – and practiced – numerous tools and attitudes that will serve me – and the clients I serve – well.

In what areas could the seminar use improvement? Please describe. At first I felt a little ‘o v e r w h e l m e d ‘ with the technology – but that’s just me. As soon as we got started, however, it all seemed to flow smoothly.

About your trainer. It was a joy to work with Jodi – she has a way of listening deeply – thus encouraging the participants to go more deeply as well. . . she also models what she is teaching – thus taking the teaching to a much deeper level. Jodi’s enthusiasm is infectious and bubbles over to everyone in the group. I also liked the fact that she was in integrity 100% of the time – which included starting exactly on time. I felt respected and it was a real honor to participate in the class. I look forward to our next opportunity to connect!

Additional comments and suggestions for The Success Coach Institute:

What a wealth of information! I truly value the fact that you have provided a ‘turn key’ opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. Everything seems to be done with the idea of ‘excellence’ in mind! The training was affordable and concise – yet profound and executed with a high level of expertise. One of the best parts for me is that you model what you teach – thus delivering a congruent, high-powered training – with opportunity for follow-up built into the entire program. I feel like I am now part of a highly ‘successful’ program and I am most grateful! Thank you!!!

May we quote your comments? Yes or No: Yes

Would you recommend this course to others? Yes or No: Yes – definitely

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