Coach Certification Class – Be a Certified Coach!

SCI Certification Course (CPSC) Overview

The Success Coach Institute’s Certified Professional Success Coach (CPSC) curriculum is a complete coach training certification course taught virtually and includes 16 hours of live instruction via tele-web classes (GoToWebinar) over the internet from the comfort of your home or office and  over 5 hours of bonus trainings and recordings. Our course provides graduates the tools necessary to feel confident in opening their own coaching practice complimented by the full support of our administration services, faculty and alumni.

I) Foundation of Success Coaching

  • Introduction, Attendance, Policies & Course Objectives
  • The Success Coaching Process
  • SCI Code of Ethics

II) Questioning Techniques for The Success Coach

  • Types of questioning; Powerful, thought provoking questions
  • Tools for Questioning; Resources

III) SCI’s iCoach To Success Professional Coaching System Part I (attached)

IV) Best Business Basics For Success

  • Record Keeping
  • Confidentiality
  • Fundamentals of a Coaching Practice
  • Tools of the trade; Forms

V) Building A Successful Coaching Practice

  • Niches to grow riches
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Setting fees
  • Networking, opportunities & referrals
  • Testimonials
  • Certified Success Coaches website

VI) Certification & Course Completion

  • Final exam
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Certificate of Completion – Certification Document
  • Introduction to Master Certified Success Coach program


coach success logo

iCoach To Success (Part I) Overview & Modules

I) Foundation – Building an infrastructure of success

a)   Fact Find – client intake forms

b)   Develop a BIG WHY; clarify mission, purpose and vision.

c)    Communication modalities identified

d)   Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

e)   Lose the mess for ultimate success

f)     Design a Circle of Success

II)  Believe – Success is a choice; develop skills for confidence

a)   Building self-esteem and confidence with iAm, iCan & iWill Affirmations

b)   Positive Self-Talk; develop empowering beliefs

c)    Mindset + Motivation = Magic

d)   Modalities & Tools; Meditation and Visualization Techniques

e)   Release and recharge

III)  Plan – Stepping into success defined

a)    S.M.A.R.T. Goals System Done R.I.G.H.T.

b)    Do the Daily D.A.S.H.

c)     Backwards Planning

d)    Prioritizing made simple

e)    Decision making

IV)  Community, Education & Skill Set

a)   Defining support systems

b)   Questions – The Socratic Method Defined

c)    Accountability, Mentors, Coaches and Masterminds

V)  Being – Creating a new vibration

a)   Inner work – A State of Grace

b)   Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

c)    Journals

d)   Intuition and Introspection

VI)  Celebration – Consistently feeling successful

a)   Say YES to Success daily

b)   Instilling acts of confidence

c)    Success Log – Self Recognition

d)   Feed Forward from Feedback

e)   Loving reflections

f)     Celebrate Accomplishments & Successes

VII)  Outcomes – Making a new mark (Part II Taught In Mastery)

a)   Reflection techniques

b)   Re-assessment

c)    Accepting new standards, making new marks, and making the shift to Mastery

VIII)  Mastery – Traits of Ultimate Success (Part II Taught In Mastery)

a)   Owning Unique Gifts

b)   Maximizing Potential

c)    Mastery

SCI expands this system in Part II and in greater depth and detail for certification as a Master Certified Success Coach (MCSC). The journey has just begun … Thank you for allowing SCI to be a part of yours.


© 2010 The Success Coach Institute. All Rights Reserved. This document is part of the SCI training program.

For more information visit 1-888-689-1130

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