Power of Positive

I have had a couple experiences this week that have me thinking about the power of positive. A positive mindset can make an amazing difference. I arrived at my gym Monday morning to find that the Air Conditioning unit was broken. I was not at all excited about the prospect of an intense workout in the heat and humidity, but it turned out to be one of the most fun mornings I have had. We all had a common misery to experience, outside the normal expected misery. It gave us a reason to step out of our usual 5:30 am stupors and connect with each other. We could have been grumpy or mad, even refused to participate, but that is not the way an XBF member behaves. We saw ourselves facing a family crisis and embraced the challenge. We joked about the sweat and extra runs to fill water bottles. We looked out for each other. By the time I got home, the Facebook posts were flying. All sharing what a great experience our “hot “ workout had been. We could have easily missed out on this experience had we chosen to have a bad attitude about it. Instead, we were all lifted up by communal challenge met and conquered.

My second encounter with the power of positive came after one of my success coach training classes.  My instructor, Jodi Nicholson, taught us that she never greets a person with “how are you?”  You know how we just automatically throw out that question, never really planning to do much with the answer. She challenged us to try greeting people with “what’s new and good?”  Suddenly the person is looking for the positive in their life to share with you. The very next day, I had the chance to test this. A woman came into our office and was greeted by the receptionist with “how are you?” The woman’s posture changed as she recalled that she had been really ill lately. Her shoulders fell as she described how frustrating and debilitating this illness had been. As she chatted with the receptionist, I was able to busy myself in the workroom. When I emerged, I greeted her with “Hey, what’s new and good with you?’ She hesitated for a moment, but then stood a little straighter as she shared that she was finally feeling well enough to be out accomplishing things. It felt good to be past this illness and moving on. It was such a huge difference. Even though she shared the same information about her life, focusing on what was new and good changed everything. She was lifted up and both of us felt good about the conversation.

So give it a try. See what happens when you ask “what’s new and good?” Try asking yourself on a daily basis what is new and good with you. See if you can find the power of the positive for yourself.

Have a great week, Heidi Kleine

About The Author – Heidi Kleine is a Certified Professional Success Coach and Christian Faith Formation Coordinator. She is the owner of Heidi Kleine Coaching specializing in helping clients achieve a life that exceeds their dreams.  Over the last two years, Heidi has lost over 110 pounds and re-invented her life. She is living a life that exceeds her dreams and shares the tips and techniques that have helped her achieve this with her clients. Heidi will help you define your dream and turn it into an achievable vision of success. She provides her clients the tools to live into that vision and achieve a life that exceeds their dreams. You can find Heidi on her Facebook page, Heidi Kleine Coaching. “Like” her page to receive weekly inspiration toward achieving your goals.

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