One of our goals as a success coach and life coach is to facilitate excellent progress in our clients. We should be a product of the product and a solid, trustworthy example in our own lives. In our coach certification course we go into greater detail about the 10 traits below, and for now, we will just cover the essence of the feature, characteristic or quality to see if you are a good match to become a life coach.


  1. Create a safe environment or place for clients to just “be” present allowing them the freedom to explore themselves.
  2. Quality communication creates a quality connection – Listen, probe, converse, be intuitive and search for truth and meaning sincerely, not confrontationally.
  3. Promote awareness in your clients and in their situation without the presence of judgment or need for validation.
  4. Uncover information, possibilities and truth to establish clarity of purpose, goals, desires and hopes — with a time line. What or how much by when?
  5. Explore possibilities and navigate the potential to achieve them. Uncover roadblocks or hazards and work through them.
  6. Utilize systems, strategies and processes that can effectively translate the client’s hopes, dreams, wishes and desires into realistic and achievable actions for success.
  7. Be a product of your product. Be excellent and become the model of how your coaching reflects your life philosophies and ways in the world.
  8. Be present, supportive and unconditionally accepting of clients.
  9. Discover and align your client’s core values with their goals and help them “own” their space in the world.
  10. Be “that person” who is a positive, reliable, and a potent resource in every way that makes you feel fulfilled. Make sure your relationship qualities match your own purpose as well. It should be a win-win for all.

Coaching is about all this and so much more, and as you continue to discover yourself through coaching and apply your knowledge, you will keep adding to this list of excellent core qualities!


Next classes … 4 Saturdays start January 5th and our next 4 Day is January 14-17 

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.” – Goethe

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