Rewarding Career Opportunities As A Certified Coach

You know how rewarding it is to help others. Right? What if you could help others, even it’s only part time and make money doing it? You’d probably ask, “What’s the catch?” Right? Well, there’s no catch. The answer is simply to become a professional coach, as a matter of fact, a Certified Professional Success Coach by next week!

Our next class starts Monday, January 14-17th from 6pm-10pm ET each day. It’s 4 hours a day totalling 16 hours of LIVE instruction over the internet from the comfort of your home or office. No traveling required and all you need is a reliable internet connection (microphone and headset preferred), a computer and an optional telephone line. REGISTER NOW

Studies show that coaches make an average of $207 per hour, coaching over the phone, right from the comfort of their own homes.*But let’s just say it’s $100 hour to be realistic and look at a progression of coaching salaries, at the rate of $100 per session (assuming 4 sessions per month):

# of clients — Weekly Revenue — Yearly revenue (weekly times 50 to allow for some time off!)*
3                — $300                    — $15,000
6                — $600                    — $30,000
9                — $900                    — $45,000
12              — $1200                  — $60,000
18              — $1800                  — $90,000

Notice that it’s not that difficult to start a PART TIME business making $30k per year “on the side.” You would only need 6 clients in your practice to reach that level!

With 18 clients working with you, you can make $90k per year. All this assumes the realistic (even low) coaching rate of $100 per session. If you get good at coaching, and also get good at raising rates (while delivering awesome value of course), you can gradually work toward charging $150, $200, $250 and up per hour or more. But remember, people don’t pay for coaching, they pay for results. And at the SUCCESS COACH INSTITUTE our iCoach To Success Professional Coaching provides proven results for clients.

Build up to a practice with 18 clients at $250/hr and that grosses $225,000.00 per year. Not too bad. It takes practice, effort and committment to build a solid business, any business yet any one can set solid goals, build a business plan, network and market, provide outstanding service and be successful in their business.

Just say YES to SUCCESS today and you could be on your way by the end of next week! ENROLL NOW or check out other dates and times this month.

There are other ways to increase your revenue as a coach, like adding coaching programs and additional revenue streams. For example, you could run small coaching groups of 3-6 clients at $60 per session per client.  That could net you as much as $360 per hour and would be more affordable for the clients compared to one-on-one coaching. You can also run larger groups of potentially hundreds using teleseminar and webinar technology. You can also create and sell products that support your coaching, membership sites with recurring revenue…  The list goes on and on. Adding some of those additional revenue streams to the mix allows you to build a real business as a coach. We provide ideas like these and more in SCI’s Certification Class starting next week and in our FREE bonus marketing call available to all graduates.

Here’s the beautiful part about being a coach.
– You don’t have to be perfect. I’m still searching for the “perfect” person and have yet to meet one, have you?

– You don’t have to know all the answers. You need questions and we teach you many questioning skills and guidelines at The Success Coach Institute to prepare you properly so you can confidently deliver quality coaching services.

You don’t have to be anything other than who you are right now! 

You see, coaches don’t solve problems, they simply assist their healthy minded clients in finding the answers themselves. It’s about learning the right tools to use, apply and assist appropriately. Remember, people invest in results and as a Certified Professional Success Coach, you can provide the tools, assitance and guidance to produce results.

Being a coach is so rewarding and SCI’s iCoach To Success Professional Coaching Systemintegrates a variety of methods and exercises in a simplistic process, it offers a solid foundation for success and some great tools that insure our students can learn the material quickly and easily, grow personally and professionally. During the learning process each student undergoes a personal transformation to discover their best self, develop a personal WHY, design a life of balance and a vision for success to pave the way towards achieving goals and successful outcomes. The process is amazing and most graduates never realized the true benefit of the course until they went through it, applied the systems and reaped the many rewards of SUCCESS COACHING.

The course is designed to not only prepare you for the business of coaching, it is designed to establish new and empowering habits that will enhance your life. Some students simply take the course to discover a better self and so we invite you to DISCOVER YOU through Success Coach Certification Training.

We look forward to seeing you in class. It’s easy to register online by visiting
or contacting us toll-free at 1.888.689.1130 to reserve your seat.

Please note, the special tuition of $597 is only good through the end of this month and will not be offered again this year. It’s your chance to get the best COACH TRAINING at an incredible price!

The Success Coach Institute
3837 Northdale Blvd | Suite 328
Tampa FL 33624


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