Positive Self-Talk Rocks!

If you take the “t” out of can’t and won’t, you’ll be amazed at what you CAN and WILL do!

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” – James Allen

How you think is how you act. What you think is what you do. What you have achieved is a direct result of how you have thought, how you think, and/or what you say to yourself. We are what we think about or say to ourselves most of the time. Our self-talk is the major deciding factor to what we have, what we do and what we lack or don’t have in life. Negative and dis-empowering thoughts produce negative results, lack, unhappiness, and things in life we don’t like, want or have. yes you can

Abundance lives in the positive, and thrives within a positive mindset and positive self-talk!

You see you can have, achieve and accomplish anything you truly desire and want in your life, just by controlling what you say and think to yourself.  Positive empowering thoughts and words will bring about more of what you want, feel or desire in your life.

Have you ever found that you were in a situation where you were talking to yourself and found it to be negative or you were putting yourself down? If so, then you should know that you are not alone when it comes to negative self-talk. Everybody talks to them selves each and every day. Is yours positive or negative self-talk? You have a choice to make and the great thing is you are able to give yourself a huge pep talk whenever you find it necessary, so why not make it a positive one!

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha

If you stop to think about it, you can and should be your very own cheerleader. You know who you are, and talking positively to yourself throughout your day can help you in many, many ways. Additionally, positive self-talk can be an incredible way to work through any number of issues that are coming your way. As a matter of fact, you may just find that positive self-talk will be the best way that you can take control over your life and make it work so that you can remain on a path for success and happiness.

As a human being, there is just no way to avoid many of the challenges that you will need to face. In a nutshell, difficulties and problems that arise for you to overcome are simply a part of life. Finding great ways such as a pep talk in the shower or telling yourself out loud that you can get through the financial or business challenges you may be having can have incredible power over your outcome. The next time that you find something in your life is simply spiraling out of control; take a moment to talk yourself into a positive, optimistic way of thinking.

If you have ever worked with meditation or affirmations, you may already know a couple of motivational statements that you can use when you wake up first thing in the morning. Starting off the day by telling yourself that you are a great person and that you will achieve great things can help you to project the kind of results that you desire in life. Before you know it, your entire outlook through positive self-talk will help to bring you a wealth of happiness. Any wise man can tell you that there is no problem that is too large to overcome, however the truly successful person will be sure to tell you that with positive self-talk you can literally handle any challenge.

“To do things in a way you want to do them, you will have to acquire the ability to think the way you want to think;
this is the first step toward getting rich.” –
Wallace D. Wattles

Think POSITIVE about it … stop using your stinking thinking or negative words against you, and start using positive thoughts and encouraging words to create what you want in your life. Remember, you bring about what you think about!

JODI NICHOLSON - The Fabulous Coach!Jodi Nicholson is a best selling author, inspirational speaker and Master Certified Success Coach. She is co-founder of the Success Coach Institute and specializes in Life & Business Coaching, Motivation and Marketing. She shares her passion for excellence, savvy business knowledge and over 25 years of professional experience with clients worldwide. Connect with Jodi at http://jodinicholson.com

Enroll in Coach Certification http://successcoachinstitute.com

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