How to Lend a Helpful, “Helping Hand” for Improvement, Sustainability and Growth

Jodi Nicholson

A great way to help someone is to give a hand up to the ones who are willing to sincerely improve their situation, but without nurturing dependence. Ask yourself how you can use creativity, experience and skill to turn a problem or “lack” into a harmonious understanding; a place of growth.

Look for ways to be helpful without creating dependence. Although it may be difficult to detach oneself enough from the outcome of one’s own efforts, it’s best practice to promote self-sufficiency and success among others. In some situations people need assistance or support, and it is good to help them.


Avoid falling for the “victim” card – help those that want to help themselves because if we spend our energy doing for those who can help themselves, we are actually performing a disservice.

Stay solutions-focused and think of ways to offer your best contribution so you…

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One response to “How to Lend a Helpful, “Helping Hand” for Improvement, Sustainability and Growth

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. We cannot help those who don’t want to be helped or don’t realize they need help. Perseverance is key. Never say never in lending a helping hand but you have to know your limits as well. Don’t give up on anyone who seems hopeless because with faith all things are possible.

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